Entrada Events Virtual Stock Exchange Employment and Entrepreneurship Universia - 1st edition

Virtual Stock Exchange Employment and Entrepreneurship Universia - 1st edition

Virtual Stock Exchange Employment and Entrepreneurship Universia - 1st edition

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Virtual Stock Exchange Employment and Entrepreneurship Universia - 1st edition
Bolsa Virtual de EmpregoEmployment and entrepreneurship are the new challenge of Universia in 2010 to mark a turning point in editions of half Virtual Stock Exchange Employment Universia, an unprecedented initiative in the country aimed at young graduates at the final stage of the course and recent graduates seeking their first job.

The first edition of Virtual Stock Exchange Employment and Entrepreneurship Universia will take place 4-17 May. The show appears with news as a new and more appealing visually, and broadens its spectrum of action with a wider audience, including those seeking employment in a part-time, middle and senior management.

According to Bernardo Sá Nogueira, new Director General of Universia recently in office, "The time is opportune. We make our commitment to values such as leadership, dynamism and optimism with this new initiative of the Universe."

The themes of this edition, Employment and Entrepreneurship, the three central buildings occupy this space online. Identification of new business opportunities was a new pillar of the project which now calls itself a franchising business seeking new franchisees and companies that want to integrate new staff.

The project, now in its sixth edition, continues to rely on the accession of a large part of the Institutes of Higher Education, Portuguese and multinational companies with strong market consolidation in sectors such as Telecommunications, Banking, Consulting, Training, Services and Distribution. Companies already confirmed are the PT, Accenture, Youth Foundation, Vodafone, Directions, Logic, Yellow Pages, Santander Totta, Schneider Electric, Mazars, IAPMEI Select and Vedior.

For Bernardo Sa Nogueira "How innovative project that is, the Exchange Virtual Job Universia has been gaining market consolidation of supply and demand. Won status in creating employment opportunities, making the match between employers and young people to for your first job. But there are always issues that need to be honed and we must think in new directions. That's what we did on this issue! "
A project that sum offers

Cyberspace recruitment where technology plays a key role, and that is winning "field" in online advertising, making it a great medium for digital promotion companies, the Exchange Virtual Employment and Entrepreneurship offers a wide range of tools.

Test Guidance is one of these tools. This is a section that filters the candidate's skills and it appears with a list of suitable companies to the profile of that candidate. The Video Resume is another example that makes it possible for users to leave not only the traditional curriculum in the stands at the fair, but the curriculum also filmed. 

The communication campaign with the slogan "A World of Opportunities" kicks off April 30 near the campus, the written press, radio and online.